Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Will and Isabella with their best friend Campbell....Where's Ben??? That's right- He's at Urgent Care...

Fall Festival

painting pumpkins

Blowing Rock

We take our children to the woods to see wildlife...

The Elk...It's a family tradition...

The Elk were too close to the road- so we had to park and hike in...but unfortunately that doesn't translate to two year old brains...
We were very close- and saw 50+ elk.

Will gouging out Daddy's eyes.

Will leading the family across a very narrow bridge...

Making muffins with Mommy.
Will's first haircut!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Sunny Summer at the Lake

Grama and her girl.

Captain Bill

3 Generations out for lunch. (or out to lunch?!? I think we are a little bit of both! ha!)
Notice who ate the ENTIRE dessert. :) Munner.

First Haircut!

Neighbor update:
After dodging malaria all summer- We cronfonted the neighbor (my mom took Will to show him the 945 mosquito bites on his legs.)
Bill saves the day! Bill and several angry neighbors came over and took down the neighbors' frog infested, mosquito incubating, snake buffet of a pool.

Cha-Ching! Is that the sound of our property value going back up?

Munner!!!! What a smile!

Picnic with Grandmother and Grandaddy.

Gymnastics Columbia Zoo

Will had a blast!

Dad teaching the kiddos how to fly a kite.

Poppis and Will heading back to the air conditioning (and TV!)

The best picture of our trip! Truly amazing! Thank you Kelly! One thing about having 3...1 is NEVER happy!
And 1 is never looking at the camera.

But- these pictures will make us happy for YEARS to come!

More Beach pics

Isabella finally learned to stop and smell the roses- not just attack and shred them into pieces.
Grammie's swimming lessons

Handsome couple