Saturday, February 28, 2009

John is 40!!!

It's official. He's old. I keep telling him that 40 is the new 30. (wink, wink.)

Handmade Valentines

I had the brilliant idea to make some handmade valentines for family members. It was our first experience with finger paint.

Nice February Weather

There is always a week in February that reminds us to look forward to Spring! We enjoyed several days outside!

Snow Babies

The Perfect Christmas Gift

John and I searched and searched for the perfect Christmas gift for our perfect children. We found the perfect gift in the Step 2 50's diner. The perfect gift for 3. Two can sit at the table and enjoy the sounds of the juke box while one is cooking their meal. We envisioned exactly what we saw on the side of the box. Isabella in her poodle skirt and the boys smiling.

False Advertising

This is how they actually use the diner. I want my money back.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Jess

Dining with three toddlers... not for the faint of heart. Where is John? Oh, that's right- at another table enjoying his breakfast...

What happens when you turn 3 babies loose in a hotel?
Upon entry into our room- the babies were running around the room with a roll of toilet paper "rolling" everything! Isabella pulled the kleenex out one by one and the bible in the drawer had been defaced...and that was the first 5 minutes...

Isabella was ready for the bath!
Do you think we can go on the road with this show?

He knows if you've been good or bad...

John getting a lump of coal from Santa.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ben's only defense: a lint roller.


Has it been that long since I last posted? I like to take the Sopranos approach to blogging- you miss it when it's gone- and after waiting 2 years for a new season- you are even more excited than ever to see it!
Well, I have no excuse for taking this long to post- honestly- I just didn't feel the need to do it. We went through a dramatic stage for a few months where the tantrums and rolling around on the floor kicking and screaming left me depleted of energy...and that was just John whining about turning 40.
Let's rewind a few months to Christmas- a great, great holiday! We had a ball. My dad dressed up like Santa and brought a sack full of toys! It was awesome!
Ben was petrified of the horrifying man with the big white beard. He would barely be in the same room with him.