Monday, May 4, 2009

An Open Letter to My Husband

Dear John,

First of all- I love you, however, when I married you I do not recall vows that included: " I, Beth, take your animal skull collection to be plastered all over our happy home..."

Is it not enough that I have incorporated some sort of antler/bone/skull/wildlife art/5ft. high carved black bear into every room in our house? A home that I might add was purchased for the sole purpose of housing your gigantic taxidermied mountain lion that has been posed creeping on two boulders and took six years to obtain. Is it not enough that a deer head stayed in my freezer for 2 years while you "decided what to do with it"... only to find it buried (antlers sticking out) in my vegetable garden (for over a year) where worms and bugs would "eat the flesh and leave a nice white skull". When I came home today and saw what you had done- I decided that enough was enough. Really John? A skull on the children's swingset? No. You are going to turn all of the neighborhood toddlers into vegetarians.


Spring blooms

John and I have worked diligently in our yard for 5 years. We have stategically placed flowers that bloom from April- August. Our yard is a pollination haven. This has all been ripped away from us by one curious blonde... We decided not to plant tomatoes until our children are at least 18.

Toilet Training

What happens at our house when someone leaves the bathroom door open?

Spring Break ' 09

I'm sure you've been waiting in anticipation for our pictures from our wonderful Spring Break. Well-I'm sorry to inform you that none were taken. John, Isabella and I were sequestered away with a virus that even robbed us of our Easter dinner. "Deviled" eggs now have a new meaning...

2nd Birthday Whew Hew!

Thanks for the cute clothes- but we really love the tissue paper!

Al and Ben texting to each other.

Whose clues? Blue's Clues!

Happy Birthday to us!

Well, we are now officially two. Our birthday was lots of fun!

Grama Ballard made a Blues Clues cake, Bill grilled, Munner wore her party hat, John and Dad ate chips and dip, Grammy and Kelly were toddler wranglers. Grandmother passed out gifts.

Enjoy the pics.