Monday, May 19, 2008

No- we didn't drop off the face of the earth

I just haven't been motivated to write anything. The last few weeks of school are always tough. Hopefully I'll write soon. We've had sick babies, etc. too.
Ben and Isabella are taking a few steps- not many. Will is a little speed demon now! We are a bit worried about the fact that he stares at the television like it's Poltergeist. ha!
We went to the NICU reunion last weekend in Charlotte. Will was the star! Around 500 people attended. People we didn't know were actually setting their children in our choo-choo to get their pictures made with the babies. An entire Chinese family (no english) posed with the babies. We were in line for ice cream and turned around and 6 people had out their camera phones taking pictures of the triplets. We don't neccessarily think it's such a big deal to have triplets. Can you imagine what John and Kate have to deal with?
We sold the triple decker and car seats. It was bittersweet! We are happy to move on- but we are a little sad too.
I'll post later- just not in the mood to talk. Still need to tell you about my encounter with three wild animals in one weekend. It's a good story.

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