Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looks Like Somebody Robbed a Daycare

The top ten list of crazy comments made to us regarding our children from the home office in Hickory, NC.

10. Do you watch that TV show "John and Kate + 8"?
It's required watching for parents of multiples. (I also grew up next door to Florence and Richard + 10. We rode around in a van with no air conditioning.)

9. I guess you're finished having kids then...
Why? Are you worried about overpopulation?

8. I've never seen triplets before.
Well, now you can mark that one off your list.

7. Are they natural?
Nope. 100% processed. I found them in the grocery aisle next to the SPAM.

6. How did that happen?
Well, it all begins with a little thing called the birds and the bees.

5. What do you have? 3 boys? 3 girls? 2 girls and a boy?
2 in blue, 1 in pink- your guess is as good as mine.

4. Did you know you were having triplets?
No- they were having a buy 2 get one free sale in Labor and Delivery.

3. Are they identical?
No comment.

2. Better you than me!
You've got that right.

1. You've got your hands full!
Yep! Full of love!


ACB said...

You should send this to Letterman!! I am serious!
Have we really been friends for 28 years? "Beth, is that you?"!
Love you woman...miss you everyday.

Amanda said...

Just smack 'em. That's my solution.