Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricks? or Treats?

Isabella gave Mommy a Halloween Eve treat: A Baby the bathtub. Yummy!

ha! I won't forget that for some time!

We had a great time cruising the neighborhood!
After the babies went to sleep I passed out candy while John sat in the dark garage making deer/turkey calls each time someone walked to our door. One mom was ready to take down the "creature" in our garage! It was pretty funny. The old trickster then decided the diaper pail full of dirty diapers needed to be opened and placed near our door... he wanted to see the looks on the poor childrens' faces while trying not to vomit in their plastic pumpkins. Well...if this isn't a sign of the times- I don't know what is... A teenage couple came to the door dressed in their costumes...They happily shouted, "Trick or Treat"...with the gusto of any excited child on this hallowed holiday. I then realized the boy had his newborn baby wrapped in a blanket strapped to his chest. When I shockingly asked, "Is that a baby?" "Yes," He answered..."He's ours." I guess there are worse things wild and crazy teenagers could do with their baby on Halloween night...i.e. take them rolling, take them to bonfire parties, take them to a haunted house...
I decided they were going to be our last customers for the evening- lights out!

I want to take this opportunity to publicly wish my baby brother a Happy 30th Birthday!

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