Tuesday, February 12, 2008

9 Months later...

How long does it take to get something accomplished with triplets? Try 9 months. I have been working on this blog FOREVER and I am finally posting. I had a blog in grad school and thought it would be a great way to record the first year of our babies' lives...so I guess we have a lot of catching up to do.
Nine months...whew! Life at our house will never be the same. Last weekend Dad put up the gates for us...within 20 min. there was a jail break, so John had to put in some extra reinforcements.

The babies are growing and changing daily! It's quite an amazing fete! Ben and Isabella are crawling- kind of... It's a work in process. The little boogers are all over the house. We can't keep them in one place. They are also sitting up in their cribs and working on standing. Will is working on something new each day. He wants to crawl- but hasn't yet.
All babies have 4 teeth right now.

We've come a long way from 24 bottles a day. we are now down to 9 bottles a day and lots of food. Ben is able to feed himself the bottle and Isabella is almost there. One day he just grabbed the bottle put it in his mouth and that was that. It was so hard for me to let go - but it's just part of life. They are eating all kinds of new foods and trying to use a sippy cup. They love finger foods and toast. Peas and cut up carrots are a new favorite for snacking.

I love them a little more each day- if that is possible. I don't think I could have imagined how wonderful it is to be a mom. It's also so amazing to see John with the babies. There is so much love and happiness in our home. I couldn't imagine that life could be this good. We are so blessed.

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