Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mama's home cooking I decided to make some homemade baby food. It's much cheaper than buying the little packs. In my first attempt I made chicken. I was so proud to be able to provide my young 'uns with some wholesome homemade food. They got their first batch last night and couldn't get it out of their mouths fast enough. John got the entire thing on tape...It was quite funny. Ben even threw up it was so bad. I don't think I pureed it enough and the texture was just too much. I was a bit heartbroken...but it made for a good memory. I guess I can enjoy them not liking my food now- soon they will be able to TELL me how bad it is! ha!

Will has an ear 10 days of antibiotics for him. I have a feeling Ben does as well.
Our first Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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