Monday, March 10, 2008


We've had 3 wonderful weekends with grandparents. Becky and Bill arrived to celebrate her 60th birthday on Feb. 22nd. John and I were able to go to a Boy Scout dinner in Charlotte and have a night on the town. We stayed in downtown Charlotte and had a blast. We felt a million miles away. I don't know why we didn't do this more often before the babies were mobile or even before we had babies...

The next weekend John's parents came to town. It was a wonderful weekend with Grandmother and Grandaddy Norwood. They had a ball singing and dancing with the babies. Uncle James and Aunt Arlecia came over and we took a walk around the neighborhood. Steve and Meredith came over to give us the news that they are pregnant! yeah! We met Casey, Ann, Sam and Claire in Asheville on Sunday at McDonalds in Biltmore Village. I can't believe how big the twins are- eating their fruits and veggies. They have TONS of hair and are absolutely precious! We cruised around the village in the choo-choo. Ben fell asleep sitting up!

When we got home Will became sick. Things were rather explosive around the house all week. Thankfully no one else got sick. whew!

Dad and Deborah came this past weekend. We took the babies to get their Easter pictures made in Charlotte. They are absolutely precious if I do say so myself. It was a bit more difficult because they were all over the place. Dad enjoyed strolling the babies around the mall because he gets attention from the ladies...until Ben threw up all over Will in the stroller. Ben somehow ended up without a drop on him.

When we got home the babies were hanging out in the living room. I noticed something strange about Isabella. she had something very large in her mouth- the closer I got I realized it was a huge dog treat! Needless to say- she didn't get away with it.
The Easter Bunny brought them lots of goodies and rabbit ears. The babies loved them!

Not much else has been going on at the Norwood abode. John has decided that we should use "big" vocabulary around the babies. The other day I heard him telling the babies to masticate their food! ha! He also told Isabella that she is very loquacious. John, John, John you are very supercalafragulisticexpealidocious.

The babies are all over the place and all over us! They are climbing on anything that is climbable- including each other. Will isn't crawling yet- but he's close. A physical therapist that is going to come to our home to work with him. He's just so much fun now. He is having a ball with the others and making his place between the two of them. Will and Ben both have 6 teeth now. Life is good. I met a family in Cracker Barrel the other day. Their twins were born at 24 weeks and had been at CMC for 6 weeks. That time in our lives seems like forever ago. I felt so proud to show them Will and let them know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Spring is about make its way into our lives- which is exciting. Lots of new experiences and fun times to be had. I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to Spring Break!
Spring Break '08 Whew Hew!

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SteveP said...

I distinctly remember Isabella growling when you took the treat away from her. Good thing she's had her shots.