Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Oh man-
Here's how I envisioned Spring Break:
1. Perfect weather
2. Happy babies crawling in the green grass as butterflies flew overhead.
3. I would be doing yoga in the living room while the children watched in amazement.

Here's what really happened:
1. Snow
2. All of the babies were sick, and Ben had an ear infection.
3. I had some sort of crazy back spasm all week and could barely lift a baby.

With that being said...I wouldn't change a thing. It was a great, restful weekend. We are now counting down the days until Summer!

All has been well with the babies. We had a great Easter trip to Lawrenceburg. The babies got to play with their Grandaddy on Great-Grandaddy's kitchen floor. They had a great time banging pots and pans. Ben was mesmerized by the clock on his mantle. They all enjoyed Grandmother's scrambled eggs and homemade biscuits.

We did get to enjoy our cousins for a few days. 5 babies in one room is a lot of fun! We took them to the Whitewater Center for dinner and a walk.

Sunday John and I took the babies to eat Thai food. John fed Isabella black beans with his chop sticks. She loved it! Will liked it, too!
We've started the countdown to milk. John and I skipped joyfully out of Sam's with our last stash of formula. We are looking forward to weaning them off their bottles, as well. Sippy cup land- here we come!

Will's physical therapist came today. He apparently got a real work out. He passed out before she could even lay him down.

attached are pictures that Al took while here in March.

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