Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wow! So many thing have happened in the past week! First, I would like to let everyone know that the car top carrier saga has come to an end. It was removed from the top of the car on Tuesday. ha!
You can see by the pictures and video that Ben has a new hobby: Mountain climbing. Very Scary! There is now a gate at the bottom of the stairs. Apparently he escaped while in the care of 3 adults(I was not one of them) and was found upstairs in our bedroom. AARGH. Needless to say- I was NOT happy when I found out. The bystanders were sworn to secrecy by the guilty party...You know who you are. You can't take your eyes off of mobile children for a second!

Will has also been on the move and learned how to escape from baby jail.
This past weekend Dad and Deborah came down. They brought sunglasses and bathing suits for the babies. Will LOVES his glasses. He thinks he's cool. Since there were 4 adults in the house we thought it would be a good idea to bathe all 3 at the same time. I was completely soaked after that experience- but it was a great photo op.
John and I actually got to go out on Saturday night. Whew hew!
Cracker Barrel was also an experience on Sunday. They babies have a new fascination with grits. Will would scream his head off if there wasn't a continuous stream of food put in front of him.

They are making new discoveries each day. Ben points to every animal he sees and says, "Daw!"
Isabella is discovering body parts. she loves to inspect our eye lids. She will open and close them 100 times before she m0ves on to the next person. Will can stand with his new shoes on and now feeds himself his bottle.

Friday is D-Day for the bottles... I noticed an advertisement in a baby mag. for sippy cups.. It said: Sip-n-Smile, with babies smiling happily as they drink from the sippy cups. My experience with sippy cups does not involve sips or smiles... I'll let you know how it goes.

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