Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to us!!!!!

Whew! Today has already been an emotional roller coaster! I woke up crying! ha! I didn't think it would hit me this hard. One year ago today our lives were changed forever! We didn't know what to expect! We are so blessed. I even drove by the hospital this morning. boo hoo! I said a special prayer for each baby at their birth time: Ben 7:46 A.M., Will 7:47 A.M., Isabella 7:48 A.M.
I can't remember just how small the babies were.
I have to change my Lily Pie counter. That just tears me up! ha!

This year has been so much fun. We've been to the beach twice, Lawrenceburg 3 times, the mountains several times, etc. There have been so many challenges- but we have survived them all! All of the stress, love, joy, happiness, sleep deprivation, bottle making, diaper changing, laundry, scheduling, keeping up with who pee'd, pooped, burped, how many ounces they ate, etc. It's been so worth all of it. We flourish in complete chaos!

John had a busy day yesterday and felt so sad that he missed their birthday... he didn't realize it was today. He was actually early for something...ha!

We got up this morning and sang Happy Birthday and gave the babies their birthday breakfast, but will celebrate this weekend.

I look forward to the following year- who knows what will be in store?!? I'll keep you posted.


SteveP said...

Beth, nobody could have done it better. The Trips picked their mother wisely.

Another MVP, first-team all-star performance.

Love you. Dad

Amanda said...

I hope you post some birthday pics! I'm hoping for three times the cake faces -- what could be better!!