Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bug Bites Part Deux

Well, Isabella woke up this morning with a beard of hives and two swollen feet. After a few doses of Benadryl the swelling subsided- but not completely. I called the doctor at 8:30 this morning and when the call was returned at 3:20 they asked if I could make it there in 20 minutes. Sure- your office is 15 minutes away. I can fill the diaper bag, load the choo-choo, change three diapers, load three babies and make it there- no problem. Diaper change #1: big poopie; Diaper change #2: bigger poopie; Diaper change #3: even bigger poopie. (Whew- at least we got those out of the way). Babies loaded, choo-choo loaded, diaper bag loaded and we are on our way.

As the dark clouds began looming overhead and we were safely on the interstate I realized I was going into public. Did I put on deodorant today? Actually...did I shower today? Oh well- people will see me dragging the choo-choo into the office and understand why I'm in running shorts and a ratty t-shirt with bed head.

The doctor wrote two prescriptions and as I was leaving the rain began to fall.
The doctor helped me out to the car. We loaded three wet babies. Whew. Made it-
By this time it was 5:00. Dinner time for babies. I can run to the CVS drive-thru and zip home for dinner. It will take 30 minutes to fill the order...what?!?
My dilemma: Do I keep babies in the car and drive around for 30 min. or do I unload babies- feed them- load them back up and pick up the prescription? (John is out of town.) I chose the simplest choice- drive around for 30 min. We are driving around the back roads of Hickory when I smell a strange odor waifing towards the driver's seat. Again I think: deodorant? shower? I realize Isabella has thrown up all over herself. Ben is patting her to make her feel better. Oh, how sweet!
The 30 minutes are up and we get our prescription and head home. I check the rear view mirror one more time before we leave the CVS parking lot...Ben isn't patting Isabella- he's eating her throw up.
We are finally home-babies in bed- and I'm asking myself the question that continues to resonate with me: Is this karma or parenthood?

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W.Owens said...

Wow Beth....Your blog is sooo entertaining. I had no idea you had triplets!!!! I complain with two boys 3 years apart! No one told us the REAL story of parenthood huh? Your awesome! God will see you through!