Sunday, June 29, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

No- it's not Christmas in's just the new thing I've been singing to the kiddos when they do things like stand on the end table or use their siblings as a step stool to climb over the gate . This song takes on an entirely new meaning as a parent. I can really use this to threaten them from now on. They will soon be learning all about Santa... hmmm...I think I'm liking this Santa Claus thing.
My new theory is that Santa was created by exhausted parents of toddlers who had no other option than to invent a man who would bring toys if they had been "good" all year. Remember the list that's being checked twice? A total fabrication made by parents of toddlers.
Ben has been testing our ability to parent by climbing onto the end table and standing up with arms in the air. Each time we have to get him down and say "no". He then goes into a fit of hysterics. Well- today Will decides to climb out onto the table. Ben looked at him- looked at me- then looked at him and shook his head "no". He's getting the idea now!

Yesterday we were under strict orders from the doctor not to allow fresh air touch Isabella's skin...(j/k) but we did need to keep her cool so that the hives wouldn't act up. We decided what better way to spend a Saturday than at Big Lots. We had a birthday present to get, etc. We would be indoors with air conditioning. No chance of hives, right? Wrong. The power went out during a terrible storm and we were trapped in Big Lots for over an hour in the dark. What happens when the power goes out? The air goes out. Those places get warm fast without air. Isabella ended up with hives indoors. Ha!

Also- she cut 4 teeth this week. She has been in pain!

Anyways- babies are great today. We tried a new food today and they all tolerated it pretty well: edamame. Will didn't flick any of them- so he must like them.

Just remember: He sees you when your sleeping- he knows when you're awake...he knows if you've been bad or be good for goodness sake!

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